Kettlebell STRONG!

How To Get Strong As An Ox By Mastering The Double Kettlebell Exercises 

If your goal is to get stronger using kettlebells, then you will make faster progress if you use a pair of kettlebells instead of just one.


Inside Kettlebell STRONG! you'll learn the "Technique Stacking" Methodology which sequentially excites your nervous system and preps it for rapid technique acquisition.


You may be tempted to think that learning the double kettlebell exercises safely and effectively is nearly identical to single kettlebell exercises.


It's not.


Unlike the single kettlebell exercise learning which starts with the Swing, double kettlebell exercise training starts with a counterintuitive exercise, which actually prepares your entire learning and strength foundation. 


Here are the double kettlebell exercises you'll soon master after practicing them using Technique Stacking (in no particular order):


  • Double Swing
  • Double Military Press
  • Double Clean
  • Double Front Squat
  • Double Push Press
  • Double Snatch
  • Double Jerk
  • Double High Pull
  • Double Clean & Jerk

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • Almost 4 hours of "follow along" video instruction
  • The 48-week, 4-Phase, "Strong!" Double Clean & Press Program
  • The "One" Double Swing conditioning program  


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