Kettlebell Burn 2.0

A Medium Sized Kettlebell, + 3 Days A Week, 45 Minutes A Day =
A Much Leaner, Stronger YOU!

Here's What You Get Today When You Download Your Copy Of The Kettlebell Burn 2.0 System...

Module 1: The Training Plan (Value: $297)

  • 16-Week, 4-Phase, 3-Day-A-Week, 45 Minutes A Day Strength-Based Fat Loss Programming.
  • I routinely charge a minimum of $297 per month for private coaching program design...


Module 2: The Expert Exercise Index Instruction (Value: $37)

  • Here are the exercises you’ll perform, pictures of how to perform them, and detailed descriptions of how to perform them, including expert cues to shortcut your learning curve.
  • Spend hours scouring the internet and using "trial-and-error" or get the details from someone who's been coaching and instructing internationally for almost 20 years.


Module 3: The Fat Burning Nutrition Plan (Value: $97)

  • A no-nonsense, superstition-free, science-based fat-burning plan, customizeable for any man or woman at any age.
  • Almost 30 years of “in-the-trenches” nutrition distilled into a simple system that allows you to burn fat immediately – customized for you.
  • Designed to help you burn fat faster.


Module 4: Nutrition Journal (Value: $19)

  • Accountability to yourself. That’s a major factor in the success of any fat loss program. Anybody who’s made dramatic changes in their appearance has used this method.
  • Geoff used this exact method  to get to 3.3% body fat! Success leaves clues – follow them! (Old School "check the box" is still the best!)


Module 5: Training Journal (Value: $27)

Another major factor in fat loss is the ability to do more and more work. More work = more calories burned = more fat loss. Simple. This is how you track your ability to do more work each and every workout. If you don’t know where you are, you can’t know where you’re going.

Here's What Other's Have Achieved Using Kettlebell Burn 2.0...


WAS $97.00 NOW $67.00

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