Kettlebell 365

How much leaner and stronger will you be this time next year?


Most people can't answer that question. With Kettlebell 365, you will.


Kettlebell 365 is a 4-stage, 12-month program that helps you find and fix your weak links, getting you leaner, stronger, and better conditioned... Turning back the clock and helping you feel young - or younger again. It uses a unique combination of single KB, double KB, and bodyweight exercises to find and fix your weak links, strengthen your back, legs, shoulders, arms, and core, as well as stripping off body fat and building muscle.


One year from now you're going to be another year older. Kettlebell 365 ensures you will look, feel and perform better than you are today! 


(This program sold for $37.50 per month, for 12 months.) 

WAS $1,997.00 NOW $450.00

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